Announcements for Sunday 10th March 2024

– we meet for our worship services in the Church Hall DV @10.30am

Mission Envelopes: March – Kathryn Lindsay, Mission Africa (Kenya)  

  • Sunday services are live streamed via YouTube – CDs and DVDs available on


  • The service is relayed to the minor hall as an option for parents with infants, if


  • After the offering – Crèche in the Attic & Children’s Church in the Meetinghouse (up to P5)
  • Refreshments are served at the back of the hall after the service.
  • Margaret & Pamela mark children’s My Church attendance cards in minor hall

              after worship. 

Sunday 10th March 10.30am – Mothers’ Day service – Colin Hylands (CEF) preaching 

                                          Members of PW will be taking part. Loose collection at this service will be   

                                          divided between the three projects supported by PW this year – REACH, 

                                          Biblical Counselling Ireland and SAT-7

Church choir practice for Easter – after today’s service. New members welcome, secondary school age +

Monday 11th March 10.30am – Men@10.30

Monday 11th March 7.00pm – Women’s Keep Fit

Monday 11th March – Hope Explored at Ellie Mo’s    

7.30-8.00pm:  Refreshments Served           8.00 – 9.00pm: Video Presentation & Discussion

Tuesday 12th March – Girls’ Brigade –  Explorers 6.30 – 7.30pm 

                                                                    Company Section 7.40 – 9.15pm

Tuesday 12th March 7.30pm – The Academy at Edenderry Presbyterian Church

                                                    – What happens when we don’t worship with our children? 

Wednesday 13th March 9.45 – 11.30am –  TLC Parent & Toddler group 

Wednesday 13th March 7.30pm – Praise Night – Open to everyone – organised by Ir’n Men

                                                          – Taking part: Colin Elliott, Kate Weir and Adam McClelland

Thursday 14th March 8.00pm – PW – Being Transformed – “Beautifully Transformed” 

                                                        Speaker is Naomi Fox from Bible Centred Ministries               


Friday 15th March 7.30 – 9.00pm   –  Youth Club

Monthly prayer meeting via Zoom 7.30am – 4th Friday in each month – ask an elder for link details

Each Sunday 9.30am – prayer meeting in kitchen

Sunday 17th March 9.30 – 10.20am –  Sunday School and Bible Classes 

Sunday 17th March 10.30am – John McKee, with visiting speaker from a Union Theological College 



Tuesday 19th March 10.15am – Women’s Bible Study

Thursday 21st March 2.30pm –  Friendship Group

Friday 22nd March 7.00pm – Girls’ Brigade Display

Sunday 24th March 10.30am – Girls’ Brigade Praise Service – Dessie Black preaching – also report from Kathryn Lindsay, Mission Africa (Kenya)