Announcements for Sunday 21st May 2023 

Announcements for Sunday 21st May 2023 

– we meet for our worship services in the Church Hall DV @10.30am

Mission Envelopes: May – Revival Movement Association

When using the church offering envelopes – please write down the amount £ on the envelope

Sunday services are live streamed via YouTube – CDs and DVDs available on request

The service is relayed to the minor hall as an option for parents with infants, if desired.

After the offering – Crèche in the Attic & Children’s Church in the Meeting House (up to P5)

Refreshments are served at the back of the hall after the service.

Margaret & Pamela mark children’s My Church attendance cards in minor hall after worship

Each Sunday 9.30am – prayer meeting in kitchen

Sunday 21st May 10.30am & 6.30pm – Children’s Day services

                     10.30am – Jeff Gawn preaching       6.30pm – Scott McMenemy preaching

                               League of Church Loyalty (My Church) and Sunday School and Bible Class prizes

                               will be given out at the evening service

Monday 22nd May – Men @ 10.30

Monday 22nd May 7.15pm – Fit 4 Life organised by PW – Mabel Brush speaking

Tuesday 23rd May 10.15 – 11.15am – Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday 24th May 9.45 – 11.15am – TLC Parent & Toddler group

Wed 24th May – Discipleship groups 8pm at Neil & Karen’s home or with Stephen on zoom

& Thurs 25th May at Leslie & Mabel’s home

Friday 26th May 7.30am – Zoom prayer meeting – ask an elder for link details

This morning was the last morning of School & Bible Classes for this term


Friday 2nd June 6pm – Church BBQ at Faith Mission Centre, Mahon Rd, Portadown

Sunday 4th June 4pm – Family @4

Tuesday 6th June 8.00pm – Church Committee meeting

Friday 9th June – Youth Club outing

12th – 14th June 6.30 – 8pm SHINE (Children’s Bible Club) –  If you can help, please add your name to the sheet provided on the table in the hallway