Announcements on Sunday 13th June 2021

Announcements on Sunday 13th June 2021

Today Sunday 13th June we meet around the Lord’s Table DV

Sunday service at 10.30am – we will meet for our worship services

 in the Church hall and Meeting House at Tartaraghan DV.

  • Ensuring that 2 metre social distancing is strictly adhered to, with 4m between those leading from the front and the first occupied row in the congregation.
  • Ensuring that face-coverings are worn on entry and exit and during the entire service (unless exempted and for those leading from the front) – this is mandatory in law.
  • Ensuring that people chatting together outside, before or after services, maintain 2 metre social distancing and continue to wear face-coverings.
  • Kirk Session recommends that face coverings are put on before we leave our vehicles and kept on until we return to our vehicles.
  • Please sit in seats as indicated by the stewards. At the end of the service please exit promptly and orderly.


Sunday service live streamed from 10.30am. CDs and DVDs available on request.

Prayer meetings on Friday and Sunday mornings via zoom – ask one of the elders for details.

Tuesday 15th June 8pm Discipleship Group via zoom.

Wednesday 16th June 8pm Discipleship Group in the church hall.

Mission Envelopes: June 2021 supporting Chris & Rachel Humphries (Porto) with their ministry expenses

Monday 21st June 8pm – Kirk Session meeting in Meeting House

Thank you to all who helped with our Children’s Day service.