Announcements on Sunday 8th May 2022

Announcements on Sunday 8th May 2022 


Sunday service at 10.30am – we meet for our worship services in the Church Hall DV

The Lord’s Supper as part of today’s service


Sunday services live streamed – CDs and DVDs available on request

Mission Envelopes: May 2022 – Revival Movement Association


Thanks to those who supported the Moderator’s Ukraine Appeal – £1880 has been raised


Sunday 9.30am prayer meeting in kitchen

Sunday school & Bible classes 9.30am


Crèche in Attic after children’s talk / hymn

Children’s church in the Meeting House after children’s talk & hymn for preschool up to P3

The service is relayed to the minor hall as an option for parents with infants, if desired


Monday 9th May – Men @10.30 in the church hall

Monday 9th May 7.30pm meeting at church hall – Fit for life women’s event

Tuesday 10th May 10.15am – Women’s Bible study in the church hall

Wednesday 11th May 9.45-11.15am – TLC parent/ infant group in the church hall

Wednesday 11th May 8pm – Men’s event (Ir’n Men) in the church hall with Robin McCulla from Revival Movement Association – offering in support of this ministry

Friday 13th May 7.30am – prayer meeting via zoom

Friday 13th May 8pm – Youth Club in the church hall

Sunday 22nd May 10.30am & 6.30pm – Children’s Day services

Monday 23rd May 7.30pm – Fit for life women’s event

Friday 24th June – church BBQ at Faith Mission Mahon Centre, Portadown