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Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 19 April 2020 – The Lord Is My Shepherd

Paths for God’s glory

Todays service looked at how Jesus leads his people, where Jesus leads his people to, and why Jesus leads his people.  We are reminded that Jesus is the way and he calls us to follow him.  He will lead us on paths of righteousness remembering that love requires directions.  And that Jesus leads for His name’s sake, for the glory of His name.

Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 12 April 2020 – The Lord Is My Shepherd

God is the redeemer of our soul.  We are reminded in today’s sermon that we have both body and soul.  But our soul is sick and needs restored.  Jesus Christ has made it possible to have our soul restored.  But how do we know we have a restored soul?  The evidence of a restored soul is love for Jesus.  Jesus brought his disciple Peter to tears through persistent asking if he (Peter) loved him.  The proof was always the same, “follow me” Jesus said.  Jesus asks us do we love him?  If so, follow him!

Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 05 April 2020 – The Lord is my shepherd

The sermon this Sunday is called “Led by Jesus” from Psalm 23v2b.  The focus is in Isaiah 35 where we see how Lord Jesus leads his flock personally through this life.  He leads them powerfully to the quiet waters, He leads them to a place of plenty even in the wilderness of trials and troubles.  Jesus leads his flock to purity, along the highway called “Way of Holiness”, He leads them permanently so that an “everlasting joy will crown their heads”.

Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 29 March 2020 – Question Sheet

For the children (and adults) who will be listening to the sermon tomorrow…some questions

Sermon worksheet 5th April 2020

Which Bible passages are we studying today?

Sermon title – Led by Jesus

Jesus leads His people:

  1. P _ _ s _ _ _ _ _ y

John 10 v27 says

  1. P _ _ _ _  f _ _ _ _

What does the Heidelberg Catechism tell us is our only hope in life and in death?

  1. P _ _ _t _ f _ _ _ y – To a Place of P _ _ _ _ y

What does Isaiah 35 v6-7 tells us will happen in the desert places?

It’s a picture of God bringing abundant life where there was death.


What is the highway God’s people are to walk on? Isaiah 35 v8

  1. P _ _ _ _ n _ _ _ _ y

God gives His people  e _ _ _ l _ _ _ _ _ _   joy.

Write out Psalm 23 v 2