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Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 19 April 2020 – The Lord Is My Shepherd

Paths for God’s glory

Todays service looked at how Jesus leads his people, where Jesus leads his people to, and why Jesus leads his people.  We are reminded that Jesus is the way and he calls us to follow him.  He will lead us on paths of righteousness remembering that love requires directions.  And that Jesus leads for His name’s sake, for the glory of His name.

Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 12 April 2020 – The Lord Is My Shepherd

God is the redeemer of our soul.  We are reminded in today’s sermon that we have both body and soul.  But our soul is sick and needs restored.  Jesus Christ has made it possible to have our soul restored.  But how do we know we have a restored soul?  The evidence of a restored soul is love for Jesus.  Jesus brought his disciple Peter to tears through persistent asking if he (Peter) loved him.  The proof was always the same, “follow me” Jesus said.  Jesus asks us do we love him?  If so, follow him!

Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 05 April 2020 – The Lord is my shepherd

The sermon this Sunday is called “Led by Jesus” from Psalm 23v2b.  The focus is in Isaiah 35 where we see how Lord Jesus leads his flock personally through this life.  He leads them powerfully to the quiet waters, He leads them to a place of plenty even in the wilderness of trials and troubles.  Jesus leads his flock to purity, along the highway called “Way of Holiness”, He leads them permanently so that an “everlasting joy will crown their heads”.

Ordination of elders service

After the ordination service on Sunday, the congregation began discussing the evening’s events.  All were very encouraged by the hymns of praise, prayers, promises and preaching.  The right balance, many said, between encouragement and challenge as they recounted the main points of the sermon to stay alert, to be strong and to show mercy.  The sermon was taken from Jude verses 17-23 and while directed at the new elders of the church was also relevant for all believers.  We were reminded to stay alert for many wolves will come to the sheep seeking to devour them.  Such false teachers will tell us to obey our natural instincts and walk away from the doctrine of the Bible.  Like guards on sentry we were encouraged to keep ourselves clean and our weapon (the Bible) ready, and stay alert.  Alongside this the next point told us all to stay strong – but not in our fleshly strength.  Our strength was to come from the Lord, in building our faith in Jesus and praying in the Holy Spirit and staying in the love of God.  This strength would be required within the church if we are to love and help each other as we should.  The final sermon point -Be merciful –  brought balance to the weapons, guards and strength.  We were reminded how blind we were before the Lord revealed himself to us. How slowly we have grown in our faith.  How patient God has been with us.  How much mercy we have received and needed.  While we are to hate every corrupting effect of sin we are to be merciful to others wanting them to be saved from the fire.  As the congregation reflect on God’s word we pray that our church will grow in these matters of great importance.

Holiday Bible Club

TPC enjoyed another exciting and busy holiday bible club.  It was great to see so many children join us each night.  The singing was loud, the bible story of Elisha was edifying, the craft and memory verses were great opportunities to learn biblical truths and the games was the usual high energy affair!  The last night was exclusive to p6+ and was taken by the youth club leaders to show the older kids how the club works.  Some of the existing youth club members came down to help that night which was really welcomed.

One memory verse from the week was from Proverbs 3 “trust the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Our hope is that this verse will stay with the children and as they grow up they will see their need for Christ and learn to trust Him for salvation and for life’s paths.

Children’s Day Service

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6 ESV


Last Sunday the congregation enjoyed our morning and evening services led by the children of our church.  With Kaitlyn Cornett and Evie McComb leading the morning and evening services the children sang praises (with a bit of dancing), read scripture and recited bible passages from memory.  A strong theme emerged from the day, which has evidently been taught to our children by our faithful Sunday School teachers, that we all need to put our trust in the Lord Jesus for everything.  For salvation and for life.  This message was reinforced in the songs and scripture.

The proverb quoted above tells us an important truth.  That children are teachable and can be set in a direction that they are unlikely to deviate from in later life.  The majority of experts agree this path is largely determined by the parents.  Through the parent’s example, whether through intentional teaching or by just doing life together, a child will forge out their path to life or ruin.  With such high stakes at risk the church aims to support the parents in their training; to hopefully compliment and reinforce the parents teaching as they point their child along the path to life.

The children showed us on Sunday the fruit of such training as they showed understanding of what the bible teaches and how we are all capable of memorising scripture.  What was also evident was the pleasure they got from receiving approval and encouragement from their parents.  So as the Sunday School year comes to an end we thank our Sunday School teachers for all their hard work and we encourage our parents to keep training their children.  This can be done in no better way than showing your child that you love Jesus.