Children’s Day Service

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6 ESV


Last Sunday the congregation enjoyed our morning and evening services led by the children of our church.  With Kaitlyn Cornett and Evie McComb leading the morning and evening services the children sang praises (with a bit of dancing), read scripture and recited bible passages from memory.  A strong theme emerged from the day, which has evidently been taught to our children by our faithful Sunday School teachers, that we all need to put our trust in the Lord Jesus for everything.  For salvation and for life.  This message was reinforced in the songs and scripture.

The proverb quoted above tells us an important truth.  That children are teachable and can be set in a direction that they are unlikely to deviate from in later life.  The majority of experts agree this path is largely determined by the parents.  Through the parent’s example, whether through intentional teaching or by just doing life together, a child will forge out their path to life or ruin.  With such high stakes at risk the church aims to support the parents in their training; to hopefully compliment and reinforce the parents teaching as they point their child along the path to life.

The children showed us on Sunday the fruit of such training as they showed understanding of what the bible teaches and how we are all capable of memorising scripture.  What was also evident was the pleasure they got from receiving approval and encouragement from their parents.  So as the Sunday School year comes to an end we thank our Sunday School teachers for all their hard work and we encourage our parents to keep training their children.  This can be done in no better way than showing your child that you love Jesus.