Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 14 June 2020 – Question Sheet

Worksheet for Service on 14th June 2020
Sermon – How will you build your life?
– Acts 17 v 1 – 15
What Bible passages do we read today?
J____________   and A ________
What was the Roman road called between Philippi to Thessalonica?
If you are building your life wisely you will be:
1. R_________ from the S___________.
What preparation in the scriptures had Paul before he became a Christian?
What does our ‘reason’ need?
What does Psalm 119 v105 tell us?
Should you study the Bible for yourself?
What did the Jews do in their synagogues?
2. R____________ Jesus in a____ the Scriptures.
Can you name some Old Testament scriptures which very clearly point to Jesus’ death and resurrection?
Paul explained that Jesus h _ _  to s______  and r____  from the dead.
Why did this have to happen?
3. R____________ to the Scriptures / to Jesus.
We either receive or r_______ Jesus
What will happen to those who reject Jesus (unless they change their minds)?
What mix of people in Thessalonica and Berea believed and received Jesus?
What did the Bereans do that we also should do?
(see Acts 17 verse 11)
In the sermon – what was the waitress doing with the Bible she had been given, and the napkin?
How should you build your life?