Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church – Sunday Service – 21 June 2020 – Question Sheet

Worksheet for Service on 21st June 2020
Sermon – Identity


What Bible passage was read just before the sermon today?
Some people were saying that Jesus was a p _ _ _ _ _ t?
What is a good way of sussing someone out?
Who were the Pharisees?
Why did this Pharisee think that Jesus could NOT be a prophet?
Who will love the bank manager most when debts are cancelled?
Did Jesus see the woman’s sins and the Pharisee’s sins?
Why does this ‘sinful’ woman love Jesus so much?
If we love Jesus – what will we seek to keep?
Who can forgive sins / who is all sin against?
So if Jesus forgives sins – who is He?
How has the woman’s identity changed?
Who is she now?
Who are you?
How could you show your love for Jesus?